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What is your “Why”?

What is your why with alpacas? I challenged myself to articulate my “why” so when people ask me about alpacas, I can convey my true feelings.

Experts say that we all go back to something familiar from an earlier time in our lives. Perhaps to rekindle a fond memory, childhood experience or to rediscover a past hobby or passion. That could not be more true. Getting my first horse at the age of 14, my love of being outside – working, handling, and dreaming of winning in the show ring clicked the first moment I laid eyes upon alpacas. I felt a closeness, and a connection that only animal lovers can relate to. Being an alpaca owner was a perfect fit to return to my fond memories of horses. Although alpacas are much easier to deal with than a horse (1200 lbs. vs. 165 lbs.) more economical to feed, zero show ring preparation comparatively, and the prospect of having crias each year. Oh yea, did I mention that you can’t fall off of an alpaca? That’s important to consider since I’m not as young as I once was.

So, in theory, my “why” turned into “why not”. Having alpacas have blessed my life in so many ways – a business, huge social circle, fresh air & exercise, pride, knowledge and a creative outlet for the fiber. Hopefully, some of you readers can understand these feelings. We all need a “why” in our lives. It helps give us purpose.