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Why is alpaca superior to wool? Here’s why…

Alpaca is more insulating than wool – 6 x warmer.

Alpaca socks won’t allow bacteria or odor adhere to the fiber.

Alpaca socks are not itchy, hypoallergenic.

Our alpaca socks, you can machine wash & dry.

Alpaca fiber has stronger tensile strength than wool.

Alpaca regulates with your body temperature, you won’t sweat in socks.

The Alpaca is an animal that has been bred to a more extreme climate ….in the high Andes where Alpacas originated, they can experience temps anywhere on average from -30 degree F, to above 100 degrees with super intense U.V., and in the paramo levels lots of rain/snow and moisture at times, but in other places desert like. The Alpaca's "wool" developed to be able to handle all these and keep the animal alive and in relative comfort.

Alpaca is more innately "eco" friendly to the environment than sheep are.

The lesson today is buy our alpaca socks. Made in the USA and shipped direct to your door or come visit our friendly farm store.