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Similarilities between oyster farming and alpaca farming….

It all started decades ago, while visiting Hawaii and I was fascinated by the pearl stands – you know, the ones where you pick an oyster for $15 and the sales person waves the tongs over it while chanting a Hawaiian good luck chant?

I am always mesmerized by seeing what’s inside that oyster! I can’t even lie about it – I have done this over and over again and am still excited to go through the motions every time I see one of those darn pearl booths at the fair!

I ask myself, self – what is wrong with you?!? But while thinking about alpaca ranching – it’s almost the same excitement especially in the birthing season! Waiting for a whole year, and look at the alpaca pearl you may get! The color, luster, sex, size, fleece! Brilliant I say!

Commonalities between pearls & alpacas:
Worth waiting for!

And most definitely, if I had to pick a gemstone for alpacas – it would be a pearl.