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Welcome to our Liberty Alpacas Farm Store!

We hope you enjoy our fiber to fashion items! We have a variety of wonderful and luxurious alpaca items great for gift giving or keeping for yourself!

About Our Store

Invest in the BEST, never Compromise

Start with their soft fleece which is shorn annually during the early summer months. Like other natural fibers, alpaca fiber has excellent thermal and wicking properties, so it will keep you warm and dry, yet will allow your skin to breathe.

Luxurious alpaca fiber is as soft as cashmere, significantly warmer than wool and is hypoallergenic. Alpaca fiber is also one of the strongest natural fibers on the planet, which means it wears well and longer than sheep’s wool.

Alpaca fiber makes great socks, hats, sweaters, blankets, scarves, and gloves. Lower grade fiber from the legs and belly area makes excellent rugs and blankets. Our breeding program’s goal is to achieve the highest possible annual yield of super fine fleeces. We make careful breeding decisions to maximize these goals while maintaining the foundation of sound confirmation and disposition.

We are proud to offer the finest alpaca products available at reasonable prices. See our selection of handmade items from our own animals as well as quality products made for us.

We invite you to discover the magic of alpacas~