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Commander, the livestock guardian dog

A couple of years ago, my husband took our show animals to an alpaca show on the California/Oregon border. While at the show, he fell in love with a Komondor male that was there and learned there was a litter of pups that were ready to go. Just so happens, one of these pups was being donated for the dinner auction and guess what -- he bid, and bid, and bid.....after about 12 telephone calls later, he was disappointed to tell me that he lost out on the bidding. The next morning, Zoltan (the breeder) asked Jeff if he wanted a puppy! More phone calls home and some pleading.....we had a new addition coming home.

At 8 weeks of age, Commander was nearly 20 lbs. His growth rate was staggering with paws the size of a grizzly bear! Now as an adult, he has topped out at nearly 120 lbs.

Commander, is his name and it is befitting because he commands the herd; clearly - he is the top dog out in our pastures.

Note: The Komondor is a breed of large, powerful working dogs recognized as a distinct breed in Hungary since the 9th century. Thanks to Pannonia Alpacas and Kennels for introducing us to this wonderful breed.