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Shearing - it's HARVEST season again

This time of year means nicer weather, the promise of babies being born and most importantly, fleece harvest. Shearing is one of the most exciting processes that validates the quality of our fleece output, herd, health and breeding improvements made from the year before.

The manual process is done by our shearer, a professional in her own right who works very hard to ensure best the fiber yield, animal & human safety and pleasing style. A shearer’s job is a difficult one and a good shearer makes this hard work look easy. Alas, it is not. Watching this process year after year makes us truly appreciate just how hard it can be.

A shearer is not only tasked with handling the fleece, but the animal all the while making the owner happy. This is nothing short of challenging. Number one priority -- eliminate second cuts, then inspecting the animal for fleece or health issues, monitoring the shearing equipment and it doesn’t end there. All three of these components meld together but this process can be so rewarding….for everyone, even the alpaca!

Watching fiber come off is an art form and a clear favorite. My aching body collecting, reaching, holding and grasping is not! Physically, shearing can be grueling! But to watch the completion and letting the animal free is gratifying. I’m sure if they could talk, they’d say thank you kindly! AAAAHHHHHHH