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Now Carrying Alpaca Feed

Ok alpacas, get your nom nom on.....yes, we decided to add another element to our alpaca business by carrying Puget Sound Vet Group alpaca feeds.

Our herd has been enjoying this feed for over a year, utilizing the three different rations:

Show Ring

These different blends meet special requirements for our herd and we've noticed weight GAIN, even in lactating moms with crias at side! Highly palatable, lower cost and lower consumption rates made this decision a no brainer.

Bringing this product on also helps getting visitors and fellow breeders out to our farm and show-off our herd!

Contact us if you'd like to order grain for your herds.They'll thank you for it :-)

Note: Worth mentioning, we are not affiliated with PSVG and recommend that you discuss any nutritional needs with your own vet to determine the best feeds for your herd.