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Great Western Alpaca Show (GWAS) 2013

Heading to GWAS is always an adventure. This year Jeff and our good friend Floyd from Aleutian Eagle Alpacas partnered up for the roadtrip with a load alpacas! The Road Warriors hit an incredible snow storm that closed the interstate between Laramie, Wyoming and the Colorado border but managed to get through without problems.

This year's show was a Level 5, with over 800 animals attending! I was lucky enough to fly in and enjoy the fun and excitement without doing all the work. We took four animals and placed well, taking one first (big win for Sanson, class of 15) one second and two thirds!

Seeing our Washington & Oregon friends win in the ring was an awesome bonus! Hugo & Isabella of Alpacas de la Patagonia cleaned house with 9 banners! It was a sea of purple at their stalls!

Almost bigger excitement ensued when I realized that my ID was in my coat pocket (which was with Jeff & Floyd in Wyoming) and I had to get through Denver airport security! Thank goodness for my prescription - that is how TSA verified my identity as they would not accept photos of my drivers license and passport. I vow to never travel without a purse again!

In less than a week, the Road Warriers (aka Jeff & Floyd) will repeat the trip to AOBA Nationals. This trip will conclude this year's show season (or at least till the fall).

Floyd - you are the master of "Grab-n-Go"!