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28 Years

We had the pleasure of hosting several out-of-state visitors to our farm this past weekend. It is always nice meeting people who are interested in learning more about alpacas and we admire them for visiting different farms before they take the plunge. It is particularly interesting to meet people in different stages of the buying cycle and what their business model looks like.

It sure makes me reflect on our initial business plan and how much it has evolved over the past five years, soon to be six. The amount of knowledge we have gained in our alpaca business has grown twenty-fold since then. Kinda impressive, to say the least. I guess, at first, you don’t know what you don’t know and then as time goes by and light bulbs start going off – it all comes together. This alpaca venture has opened up so many doors of possibilities, a variety of careative marketing ideas and the opportunities to meet a lot of nice people.

Selling yarn, socks, animals and services. Hmmmm.....pretty amazing stuff related to an animal that wasn’t even in our country 28 years ago. Speaking of which, 28 years ago – did alpacas ever cross my mind? I’m anxious to the next 28 years WITH alpacas!