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Two pounds to Russia

We received a call this weekend from a heavily accented man who inquired about our raw alpaca fleece. He made an appointment for the next day, and brought his wife who had just arrived from Russia with him.

The man was specific about what he was looking for, and his wife stood close and spoke to him in their native language. I showed them many colors of raw fiber and they chose a lovely fleece that was 2 pounds. It turns out that she makes felted slippers back home in Russia and she wanted to start making them here in the US. But first they are shipping our fleece back home to Russia. The man conveyed that there are very few alpacas in that region so fiber was scarce.

Even know there was a language barrier with her, she caught my enthusiasm for the beautiful fine fiber and showed me pictures of her slipper creations.

We hope they will return with a finished set of slippers soon and perhaps more fiber purchases. It's a pretty special day when something you've grown ends up on the other side of the planet. Two pounds to Russia.

Fleece photo - compliments of Liberty's Lexington