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Let the Crias be Born

It’s almost July and our birthing season starts coming about mid-month. We are always so anxious around this time of year, filled with wonder and excitement about the tentative arrival of our babies. This time draws closed, nearly a year of decisions, planning, logistics and pedigree to a full circle of our cria births.

For the 2014 season, we have nine arrivals due and they are all from high caliber herdsires!
They say, (whoever those people are) that good things come to those who wait…, accordingly – we have put our order in first and foremost; healthy newborns and secondly, females and thirdly grey! We aren’t too particular but silver or rose is what we really, really want! So, we’ll see how we do!

The closest thing relative to an alpaca birth – it’s like opening up a birthday or Christmas gift. A beautiful creature and something you wanted, but just not sure of what it looks like! This is by far, bar none, the most exciting part of being an alpaca breeder!

And like all proud parents, we will be snapping photos and sharing with you as soon as our crop arrives!