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Snow has arrived

Gotta love the weathermen....snow has been flirting in the forecast but today it arrived. At the time this picture was taken, the ground had accumulated about three inches of snow.

Watching the alpacas in the snow is always entertaining, especially when they nibble the snow off the top of the fenceline. It almost reminds me of someone eating an ear of corn, row by row.

The moms found cover most of the day in their shelters and mostly stayed close to the hay feeder, only to occassionally go out to the poo pile when they absolutely had to.

This afternoon at feeding time, the crias were excited to eat their grain and afterwards rolled in the snow. I guess it was the alpaca equivalent of a snow angel. The snow came down hard with big fluffy flakes. Weather like this is not all that common and all I need to make this a perfect day is a warm fire in the fireplace.