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Shearing, that wonderful fleece harvest 2012

Oh, the joys of shearing. Hard on our legs and back but so nice on our eyes to see that luxurious fleece coming off the alpacas! This year, we sheared 23 animals in one and a half days. Kim, our shearer takes extra special care to see that each animal is handled calmly and uses great patience with us!

I appreciate how she gets us warmed up as we chose an unbred female who is very laid back to start with. Good thinking...starts the day off the right way and we get our instructions down pat. I love that about Kim. She's professional and easy to do business with.

We had some great help this year, Stephanie (our daughter), Gracie & Danielle (two of the best darn 4-H girls on the planet) and Amy (farm sitter deluxe) all came by to hang out with us. You guys are SUPER CHIDO (spanish for COOL)!

After the first day and popping two Aleve, we all were ready to get into the hot tub and soak away our strains. But knowing we had completed another annual fleece harvest feels good deep down. Isn't this why we 'do' alpacas?!