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Issaquah Salmon Festival 2013

Wow, what a fabulous event to bring the alpacas out to show the crowds of people at the 2013 Issaquah Salmon Days event! The weather was absolutely amazing both days and we sure got lucky this year!

This is our fourth year as a "Spawnsor" for the festival with 180,000 people attending each year. See the link for more information at

Our 10’ x 30’ booth was filled with people all weekend long, and people were enchanted by the beauty and wonder of the alpacas! It is no wonder that they bought socks, scarves, hats and other items that were sold on the products side, run by yours truly and my mother-in-law Gloria. That woman can sell....

This is our favorite event of the year and we couldn't have done it without Jeff’s parents, Elton & Gloria Williamson. The alpacas love my father-in-law, Elton (photo) and we all had a great time working together!

Boy are my feet tired!