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What's in a Name

Naming a cria can be challenging, particularly when your farm has a theme. With our patriotic theme, it seems pretty simple -- but when you have a cria that has the "it" factor, you want to make sure it's captured in a good name. I think it's harder to think of macho male names that people will remember. Liberty's Torch, our latest member is no exception. He is tall, proud and moves in a captivating way. We have optimism in his presence at such a young age. His name came from our trip to Ellis Island a few years back and seeing Lady Liberty in the New York harbor, holding her torch high was a memorable moment.

Liberty's Torch is a beautiful vicuna fleeced son of Patagonia's Ernesto. At birth, he was incredibly strong and up nursing within minutes. His fleece is showing outstanding characteristics, density and crimp. His frame is square, solid and he has extremely heavy bone. We think he is something very special.