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Assembling our Cria Kit

Taking our 22 year old daughter shopping for cria kit items seems like an easy feat – but when you think of all the necessary components, it can be more complicated (and embarrassing) than I thought. Having a modest daughter with a good sense of humor made this a fun adventure at the local drug store!

Our cria kit contains the obvious sort of things – towels, thermometer, iodine, scissors, thread (no, we aren’t sewing) garbage bag, latex gloves, corn syrup, syringe, sterile saline, bathroom scale, antibacterial ointment, heating pad, bulb syringe, hairdryer, cria coats, etc. When we starting looking for an enema kit and lube jelly, she got embarrassed. This does paint a comical picture as a mother and daughter are “shopping” for this. Of course, not many words were exchanged in the drug store aisle between us – just funny looks and a lot of giggling.

We are exciting for crias to start dropping any day and the weather is certainly not on our side. Hopefully, we shall see little crias bouncing in the pastures soon.