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The power of a single skein of yarn

We were so excited to donate our Liberty Shawl to the Quechua Benefit dinner held in conjunction with the Education with Destination this past weekend!

You see, it all started with a skein of yarn that was won at the 2014 Education with Destination and a “throw down, show down” with another local alpaca breeder who won the same. We challenged each other to bring back the skein this year, made into something! Almost like a boomerang, that yarn came back and we did!

Thankfully, with the expertise of master knitter, Wendy 3 more skeins later (of our herd’s yarn, a lovely fawn by Mermalada) Wendy crafted a beautiful shawl or wrap! Her skills and our yarn, along with Amanda VandenBosch’s single skein prize!

Dr. Brett Kaysen, in my opinion one of the most engaging auctioneer’s out in the livestock industry today – created a lively night and the Liberty Shawl sold for $325, the bidder winner was Stellar Alpacas! Happily, $325 is enough to pay for a child’s food for an entire year!

BIG KUDOS goes to the Quechua Benefit, Wendy Huber, Tina & Gvido Bars, and finally -- the Education with Destination team (Scott/Debbie Miller and Vince/Amanda VandenBosch)!

And the legacy will continue…..2016 Quechua Benefit will have another donation because we won two skeins of yarn this time!