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Education with a Destination 2014

Spending any time in Central Oregon is like heaven on earth for this girl. And we were fortunate enough to spend four full days basking in the high desert sun learning more about alpacas, their care, history of the show system and playing a “judge” giving oral reasons on both fleece and halter mock classes.

As always, Crescent Moon & Flying Dutchman really lay out the red carpet for their guests. And for anyone who hasn’t gone to Education with a Destination – you really should grab the opportunity. This year, was even better than last year! And all the friends we see and meet – holy cow!

This year, we had a rousing game of Beer Bottle Showcase – in which the NW team went head to head with the Colorado team placing the line up of beer bottles and giving oral reasons why. We feel the Colorado team had an unfair advantage because they had Dr. Brett Kaysen as their spokesman......but what a fun night we had!

The best part of the weekend was seeing the humanitarian efforts by Quechua Benefit. What a worthwhile cause. And yes, I got carried away with the bidding!

The weekend ended with the Duck Scramble – a ceremony where each participant gets a duck that has a number associated with a secret list of prizes. Oh boy -- those lucky people that won exam gloves and lube! Thankfully, we took away yarn and socks!

You better believe that we’ll see you next year at EWAD!