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When you are a rancher with hungry livestock to feed, the day you get hay feels like Christmas. I know it sounds weird...but it's true! Getting the hay unloaded and put away for the year is one of the most fulfilling feelings a rancher can have.

True. Believe me. You ranchers out there reading this can relate to exactly what I'm saying.

When the semi-truck finally arrived at our place yesterday, it felt overwhelmingly satisfying as I gave a big sigh. But this year, we tried to organize and collaborate with other fellow alpaca ranchers to share truckloads. That didn't happen as easily as one might of thought. Yet alas, it took until October 17th to get our hay stockpiled. For a nervous Nelly like me, this is very late in the year. Emphasis on "very".

One comedy of problems after another dealing with the truck drivers, hay elevator, trailer sizes, hay helpers.....but we did it. Ten beautiful tons of second orchard grass hay are put to bed and a big sigh of relief until next year. And a delightful visit to the hot tub this morning for Jeff.