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Movie Stars & Alpacas

Ever see people and their pets together and think “hmmm, they kinda look alike”? I wonder if that holds true for all pets and all people?

After running across a celebrity that has an alpaca twin, I started thinking about what alpaca that might resemble me. Funny, you ask...think about it. So I went to work looking for photos and here’s what I came up with. Since alpacas have hair, I spared my husband Jeff from this exercise.

One of my most favorite actresses is Kirstie Alley. I like her personality and think she is a stunningly beautiful lady. I bet she’d love alpacas and one day perhaps she’ll buy a couple from us.

Anyways, alpacas have personalities that can be larger than life. Just like movie stars. celebrity makeup artist was out the day my picture was taken. I'll have to work on that.