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Warm Summer Day on the Ranch

It was a busy day here on the farm, and knowing that the August heat would reach near 90 degrees - I decided to get up early and bake a dessert for our BBQ lunch with Alan & Michael, owners of Squire Creek Alpaca Ranch. The organic apple & raspberry cake turned out delicious! They were bringing Gold Standard back from their ranch after putting him to work up north. We have more work for him here so I'm sure he was happy to return to his pasture.

Jeff had been in Portland all weekend and was bringing back a female who had been bred to "Plantel". What a beauty he is....we hope to receive the best from both alpacas and we'll see what we get next year. Mera was also bred today and it's nice to keep all the breedings close for planning our 2012 cria season.

Taking a break from farm work, I had to water in the new lavender plants that I planted yesterday between pasture scooping, clearning and filling water troughs. The lavender is lovely and is sure to thrive given the large heaping of alpaca poo that was planted with to provide nutrients. Always work to be done. But its days like today where I feel most happy and productive. Today's bonus was visiting with friends, watching my husband barbecue hamburgers and enjoying a warm summer day at the ranch.