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Full Circle

Caller “your yarn is ready”

Me (outside voice) “awesome”!

Me (inside voice) “YAHOOOOOOOO”

It’s taken a long time for me to understand the importance of fiber processing. I have put so much time into understanding confirmation, lineage, colors, fineness, density, etc. I’m finally getting the all important “this industry has EVERYTHING to do with fiber! Wow, what a concept!

The past five years have been about breeding and raising the alpacas – not the fiber. Tisk, tisk, I know. Picture me doing the “I should have had a V-8” against my forehead!

Any moment now, the delivery truck will drop off oodles and oodles of 100% alpaca yarn skeins – all from our herd! I can’t wait to see the finished end product! To think, all that learning had to take place before I finally got it……I am beaming with pride and joy and proud of the accomplishment. And it will be exciting to get it labeled and offered to the public for sale too!

Like the skeins sure feels as if the alpacas have come full circle.