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Untangling the Yarn Tangle

It never dawned on me that folks new to alpaca yarn would have difficulty untangling the tangled web of yarn known as a skein. I have sold a BUNCH of yarn, and I assumed that everyone knew how to handle it once they got it home. Shame on me.....I should never assume.

One customer called and politely asked "ok, this is a tangled mess and how do I do this". I felt bad that I hadn't explained it at the time of purchase, so for all those of you reading this and don't know - this is for you!

As with everything, there are probably eight different ways to get the job done, but I find this easiest and more effective. Start with untwisting the skein into a large loop. Lay the loop of yarn on the sofa or hang on two chairs (whichever is your preference) and arrange straightly. The loop should be tied or bound which should be easy to untie where you'll be left with an end. Start by taking the end and pulling to see if it pulls cleanly (without tangling or sticking). If so, then start winding into a ball and continue. If it pulls or twists, go back to your loop and resituate it. For super fine yarn, use an empty toilet paper roll or dowel as a base.

This task requires patience. Get a hot cup of tea or cocoa and relax. Don't try to untangle when you are angry, stressed or impatient, and most importantly, don't think that you need to do it fast - and this whole business can even be a soothing, meditative moment.