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National Alpaca Farm Days 2014

This weekend celebrates our 7th alpaca anniversary and how it all got started with alpacas! Way back when, we drove by a local alpaca farm that was open and that was IT!! – love at first sight! Each year, our NAFD event gets bigger and better – this year, by adding our farm store!

We drew a huge crowd this year, 600+ visitors (at least) came out to see our alpacas! A crowd favorite, as might be expected, was this year’s cria crop. Crowd comments were “irresistible, adorable, and downright cute” all routine comments of the day! Even the weather cooperated with two beautiful fall days!

We were well stocked on yarn & socks, but sold out of scarves and blankets! Amazing weekend, exceeding our sales goals!

We’d like to thank EVERYONE who came out to see our herd! And a special thanks to my wonderful husband Jeff – who did all the heavy work, Stephanie – who can help out both on the retail side and animal wrangler deluxe, and Floyd & Janis Smith with Aleutian Eagle Alpacas for your fantastic company! That’s a wrap on 2014 National Alpaca Farm Days!