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Frozen Weather is upon us

Anything but rain is generally welcomed here in the Seattle area but this past 10 day stretch of weather has brought sub-freezing temperatures at night. Leaving in the morning in the dark and then coming home at night in the dark is my least favorite part of the winter weather.

The alpacas are well suited for this type of weather and not at all bothered by it. Some of the older moms with crias at side, we give a little extra ration to. This helps them help retain body score and heat without compromising their health. We do not blanket any of the animals unless absolutely necessary and after years of alpaca ranching - have only had one animal that required a blanket. She was a nursing mom, very thin since she gave her cria everything and was the worst keeper I have ever laid eyes upon. She was miserable in cold weather, with nonstop shivering and all-around distress. Thankfully, we found a home where she could live without the fierce competition for food and shelter.

Weaning starts this coming weekend and I believe the weather will be a little more hospitable for the little babes.