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Winter Weather with Alpacas

It's been a rough week, snow and sub freezing temperatures while transporting alpacas from out of state. When I say rough, I mean farming at it's finest. Number 1 goal is making sure everyone has extra groceries (energy aka food) to keep themselves warm.

We hauled back a couple of alpacas (one dam with cria at side) and got caught having to make a decision driving over the mountain passes. To drive over or not to drive over -- this was the question. Even though we have a four-wheel drive vehicle AND chains, we opted to drive about an hour further around the mountains. Good choice husband. So happy you agreed with my frazzled nerves and we drove around.

Farming of any sort with freezing temperature is not for the faint of heart. Keeping your livestock warm and hydrated is critical. Thankfully, we have insulated heated water sources for our herd. Hauling buckets for us is a thing of the past. No fun no matter how you slice that one.

However, there is a silver lining, with cold and frigid temperatures, we get clear sunshine! We have some good days to take photos and tomorrow, it's back to the warmer, wet "normal" days for us.

Stay warm everyone~