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Alpaca Rug Bumps

This year, we had all of our alpaca roving made into lovely rug bumps. A bump is spool of rug yarn made from alpaca fiber spun around a recycled cotton core. This is an excellent value-added product because some fiber is shorter in length or higher in micron and cannot (or should not) be used for yarn or garment processing. Examples of this type of fibers are neck, leg, belly fleece – there is now a wonderful process to create a material for use in rugs!

Our rug bumps are 50-60 yards, which means you’ll need two (2) to make a nice sized rug. Our natural colors offer a selection of earthy tones of black/silver and brown/rose grey combinations.

Rug weavers and crafters alike LOVE sinking their feet into these warm, plush rugs.