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The magic of kids and alpacas

It’s amazing to me that alpacas are drawn to kids – and always fun for us to watch the magic between them. For the kids, it’s pure wonder looking into the alpaca’s eyes, trying to touch and get just close enough before the alpaca moves. Every once in a while, the kids get lucky and find an alpaca who wants to be loved on. Quiet. Calm. Wonder.

One the other side of the coin, the alpaca mind is wondering – who is this small “human” and what do they want of me? I just need to check them out, smaller package and inquisitive…..Shall I stand just far enough away that they can’t touch me, or shall I go kiss their face, humming softly all the while.

Thanks to our nieces, Kaia and Jaelyn Crebbin, along with their friend for the wonderful photo opportunity!