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Easter 2012

Our Easter holiday didn't start off all that well, given the dead rabbit that was outside our bathroom window. Glad we found it and not Stephanie, although it appeared to die of natural causes and not by predator.

Stephanie sold her nice girl, Victor Hemingway's Freedom to a nice farm in Liberty, Kentucky. The transporter picked her up today and hopefully the weather will be mild on her trip. "Fria" is soooo dense, hate to think of her sweating on such a long trip.

Last of the cria weaning took place today. Seemed like a good day since the herd dynamics were already a'kilter. Hard to see the separation from both mom & cria be so mournful. Not my most favorite part of livestock - but just a part of life. I'm happy the weather is decent because I know that there will be a couple of days of hanging by the fence....humming.....from both directions.