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Salmon Days Festival 2012

This was our third year at Issaquah Salmon Days, being a Bronze Spawnsor (notice the play on words?)! Each year, we are thrilled to see the mobs of 180,000 people flock to our booth to learn more about alpacas. Folks from as far away as Morocco snap a bazillion photos and buy luxurious alpaca products and yarn.

With overwhelming pride, this was the first year to have two of our beautiful daughters and Jeff’s parents become a part of it! We are so happy they can see how alpacas have truly changed our lives. On a very personal level, it is exciting to have my family get involved and rekindles memories of my own family's retail produce business where I started working at a young age. Stephanie, our youngest has started her own herd, Alpaquitas Ranch and now handcrafts her own alpaca knitted and felted scarves and dogbeds; which sold well.

Of course, if you asked the alpacas – they’d rather be home at peace in their pastures! The first day, a small child with wet sticky candy in his hand, accidently stuck it to Liberty Rose, our beautiful silver grey yearling’s fleecey side who was on display.

Both days had beautiful weather, it was comfortable and sunny! Sure brings a nice ending to our summer season and moves us all forward into fall .

I want to thank those folks who came out to see us and tell them how much we appreciate their support. We cannot express how much it means to us and the gratitude we both feel in seeing each and every friend & customer.

Ps…would people please tell my husband that we shouldn’t run out of socks half way through this event? He won’t listen to me!

Pps…Gabe, did you put the OJ away?