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Dog-gone fun

Cleaning the pastures gives Jeff and me a chance to walk the pastures and play with the dogs in between scooping. Harley, the Jack Russell terror (I mean terrier) thinks he’s the boss but in reality, it is Commander, the Komondor. Commander, is, well, commanding – all 130# of him. He is the all mighty herd master, guardian, alarm howler, who sleeps, eats and breathes with our herd.

Yesterday was no exception, but on this crisp fall day where the brightly colored red and golden leaves were falling and tumbling along the ground in the wind; we just had some good old fashioned fun. Commander was playing with Jeff and came up from behind him to knock him down (good move Commander – just don’t try that with me) and before I could get my camera out – they were wrestling on the ground having a good ole time.

And then little Harley, who thinks he outweighs Commander in spirit, does anything he can to join in or switch gears and tries to attack Commander. It is comical and Harley is always the third wheel with his naggingly (not sure that’s a word) but absolutely annoying, obnoxious, loud bark.
Nevertheless, it was a wonderful day. Even more so from a dog’s perspective -- just ask Commander!