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The year of boys.

Statistically, our ranch seems to produce more boys than girls. This year was no exception – out of six cria, we had 5 boys. Having done research in every way, nothing seems to make sense other than when we sell a female, the buyer always seems to get a female offspring. Weird, right?

As a matter of fact, for years we have posted a sign out front by the gate with a pink or blue wooden cria. However, the past two years, we could have just hung it up and left it! This year, we started off on the right foot – a girl and the rest were boys.

We have tried breeding by the moon cycle and time of day, consulted with our vet, etc. So, I guess we will breed for elite boys and that will offset the probability. Breeding for good boys is always better than breeding for alpaca “pets”.

Maybe I should have only blue cria coats?