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Bittersweet Moment...

We delivered a trailer load of alpacas today consisting of three males and three bred females. This group was a herdstarter package for a new breeder. This sale felt great but it was bittersweet at the time of delivery. Why, you ask?

One of the bred females was our very first alpaca we purchased. Apple-Co Liberty will start another new farm now. Liberty taught us the ropes with her kind and gentle nature. She earned her keep by giving us four beautiful and healthy crias....two girls and two boys. Liberty is a fabulous mom giving her all to her young. Every one of her offspring has her wonderful disposition and silky handle. Best of all; she was the inspiration of our farm name...Liberty Alpacas.

We hope she delivers a beautiful silver grey cria this year (she delivers grey 80% when bred to grey) and many more for that matter.

It was hard to hold back the tears as we drove away. We love you Libby Libs.