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Proud to Donate --

Liberty Alpacas is proud to donate a dozen alpaca hats to -- a 501c organization located in Southern California who donate over 1,000 hats per week to cancer patients. Thanks JoAnn Weeks (Mom) for making these hats out of our alpaca fiber, your love and strength have taught me to be a kind and compassionate person with a strong spirit.

This is such a worthy cause.....enjoy their story......

Knots of Our Story

My grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was six years old. As I got older, school and then a family preoccupied my time and crocheting fell by the wayside.

After raising two sons I finally had some time to myself and picked up a crochet hook. I made scarves and afghans for everyone I knew – and not everyone in southern California needs a scarf or afghan!

One of my sons asked me to make him a cap. I had no idea how to make a cap, but he was insistent so I agreed to give it a try. That initial cap would have fit a bowling ball!

But I kept at it and figured it out and before long one cap turned into 20 caps. Both of my sons and all of their friends became cap recipients. I kept making those caps and wondered what in the world I was going to do with them.

A dear friend who is a 23-year cancer survivor saw one of the caps and remarked how much she would have liked a cap when she was going through her chemotherapy treatments. The cap would have kept her head warm in the cold treatment rooms and it would have been soft and comfortable to slip on after a long day of wearing a wig. After some research I realized there was a tremendous need for chemo caps, and thus Knots-of-Love was born on June 24, 2007.

Knots of Love’s primary goal is to brighten the lives of those in need with kindness and love. All Knots of Love creations are given free of charge to people who are battling cancer or other life-threatening illnesses or injuries.

Making caps and brightening the lives of people who are suffering from the ravages of cancer is such a small thing to do, but the results have made a big impact on the patients. The number of treatment centers we send caps to has grown tremendously in two years, and I am contacted daily by medical institutions from coast to coast for caps. People of all ages are in need of love, kindness and support as they wage the fight of their lives.

Knots of Love brings together patients, volunteers and families. Our organization equally helps those making the caps and the patients who receive them. As the founder of this non-profit organization, I have seen the tears of joy when patients are handed a cap made from Knots of Love. It puts a smile on their faces and the wind in my sails.

Knots of Love has grown beyond anything I ever envisioned, thanks to donors and the legion of volunteers who spend their time and money to make the caps. I am committed to expanding our efforts so we can reach even more patients in cancer treatment centers and, new for 2010, patients in brain surgery centers.

With Knots of xxxx,

Christine M. Fabiani
Founder, Executive Director